YBN Cordae is the Rapper of the Future

When Birmingham’s own, YBN Nahmir, emerged on the scene I instantly knew it wasn’t for me. It’s easy to see what makes “Rubbin Off in the Paint” so undeniable but I feel like I’m too old for ultraviolent Droog rap. The same goes for YBN Almighty Jay because I’ll only allow one YBN into my mental index and Nahmir has that entry filled already. There was one or member of the YBN crew I never heard of, until now.

YBN Cordae definitely stands out. His subject matter matches that of Nahmir and Almighty Jay but he experiments with various flows and delivers. I was quite impressed by his wordplay.

Even more impressive than his introduction was his response to J. Cole’s “1985”. As divisive as this Cole track seems to be, I still think it was much needed. It gets preachy but Cole makes sure to cover all his bases and not put the blame solely on one area of hip-hop. Since he’s been in the game for nearly a decade now, he’s speaking from the perspective of an OG.

Cordae delivers the best response we’ll probably ever hear. He takes time to accurately point out flaws of gatekeepers. Like Cole’s letter to the opposite generation of hip-hop, Cordae is respective and allows insight to his generation. His rebuttal is quite thorough, laying out that elders of hip-hop were once young kids themselves.

I think the kid has a bright future and I’m pretty excited to see what he does next.



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