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Let people enjoy things

Social Media is an incredible tool. We use it to connect with friends, converse with strangers and discover new trends. When Award Shows come on, we watch as a “family” and laugh and joke at all the ridiculousness that we see on a daily basis. So it’s pretty cool to watch trends pop up in real time and have discussions about them. When the Male Rompers got dropped on the timeline, a series of jokes were unleashed, when Yahoo dropped a typo when discussing how Trump wanted a “b”igger navy, we did what we do best: laugh.

Of course, there are always detractors. When people have a pretty enjoyable experience at large, there’s usually a group of people who are skeptical. Skepticism can be important for a number of reasons: if people, at large, are all following something, there should be someone with a dissenting opinion, that’s just how it works. Most of the time people are just looking out for other’s best interest, sometimes they want to be contrarian. Regardless, unless there is a danger to the populace at large, it’s usually best to just let people enjoy things.

Case in point: The Capriccio Bubbly Sangria that has taken Black Twitter by storm over the last week. The Sangria was originally posted back on the social media site by users explaining how potent the drink was, since it had a relatively high alcohol content for a drink of its type and size. People commented how the drink sneaks up on you and makes you intoxicated pretty easily, so naturally people wanted to try it themselves. Everyone was having a great time celebrating, but of course, naturally, there were contrarians. People complaining that everyone was just willy nilly trying something new because everyone else was and that they would never do such a thing, and that obviously this is some evil marketing ploy to poison everyone!

Cue the worst photoshop job I’ve seen this year:

sangria hiv
Please tell me you didn’t fall for this

I understand that this might be tougher to spot on a mobile device, but just look at the damn headline. Look at the edges of it, or how the quality of the text doesn’t match the quality of the screengrab. Like, it’s the most obvious thing right?


But shoutout to you for this wisdom:

Because it REALLY is okay to like things other people like, seriously y’all. From fruity Sangria to basketball to Drake, it’s all okay. Enjoy it because you enjoy it. If you don’t like it, that’s cool, just let people enjoy it. Everyone doesn’t have to like what you do, and that’s fine, being a contrarian just to be a contrarian doesn’t make you smarter, it makes you a follower in a sense, because you still only gauge your likes and interests off what other people do. You just don’t “fall in line”.

So shut up and let people drink. They’re not spreading HIV through a fancy cheap wine drink, relax and get back to tweeting. Love you.



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