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#PlaylistMonday: T-Pain Appreciation Day

Word to Buzzfeed for the featured gif

If your favorite rapper arrived on the scene after 2007, he or she likely owes their career to Faheem Rashad Najm, better known as T-Pain.  When Teddy Verscetti first hit the scene in 2005, he made a minor splash with I’m Sprung before getting his first major hit with “I’m in Luv (with a Stripper)”. Through the course of several years, T-Pain became one of the most recognizable names in the industry over the course of his first three albums and a vast number of features. He’s had 1 #1 Billboard 100 album in Epiphany (Thr33 Ringz topped the R&B charts but peaked at 4 on the 100) and has appeared on well over 100 songs that AREN’T his own.

Without further ado though, let’s leave you with a playlist dedicated to the man himself, hip-hop’s most underappreciated legend, T-Pain.



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