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Don’t Call It A Podcast SZN2 #7: Wipe Ya Booty



Does it look like Chadwick Boseman is tired of your s***? Because I think he is.

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  • Courtney talks about her struggles of adjusting to Chicago and shoveling her car out of snow.
  • Also -7 degrees in Chicago vs. a Heat Index of 112 in Alabama
  • Vickie isn’t having any of our mess and demands her Dad’s attention
  • A superintendent in New Jersey got arrested for being a serial pooper. What situation would warrant you taking a dump on a track? In public or something? Why is this a course of action???
  • FOX is cancelling everybody, are you really upset though?
  • Why is Empire still on?
  • Opening Song: Must’ve Been x Chromeo, DRAM
  • Closing Song: a friend a fan a kid x Bobby Feeno (Arian Foster)

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