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There can only be one: Dial M for Monkey vs. Justice Friends

Since #1GottaGo is Twitter’s favorite game to play, I think it’s time for us to have a discussion that quite frankly, we’ve put off for far too long.

Which was the better side cartoon in Dexter’s Laboratory?

Our contestants:

Dial M for Monkey

A segment of Dexter’s Laboratory starring Dexter’s pet lab monkey, who has superpowers and fights crime with his lovely partner Agent Honeydew and the commander General. Dexter wants his pet lab monkey to have some sort of strange thing about his but he never finds anything, but whenever Dexter isn’t looking, Monkey turns into a super powered monkey named Monkey who fights crime and evil whenever all of the other forces have been beaten. Monkey is the only member of the cast who can’t speak English as he just makes assorted chimp noises, yet people seem to understand him anyway. He was also probably hitting Agent Honeydew cause she was just a little too smitten with him.

Memorable Characters:

  • Agent Honeydew (Extra Thicc)
  • Commander General
  • Wrasslor (voiced by Macho Man Randy Savage, OOOH YEAH, RIP)
  • Simion

There was also an episode with a Galactus expy that no longer gets aired because of its depiction of the Silver Surfer expy:


The Justice Friends

An Avengers parody back before superhero films were the trend. It features Major Glory, Val Hallen and The Infraggable Krunk who fought crime but also dealt with the struggles of everyday life. Major Glory was the Captain America knockoff (with a little Superman sprinkled in) who spoke in overly American metaphors and was very fond of attention. Uncle Sam was literally his uncle and is deathly allergic to cats (which is why he can’t be around the Black Panther/White Tiger expy). Val Hallen is the cross of a surfer dude and Thor who turns into a blonde Mandark when separated from his mighty ax guitar. The Infraggle Krunk is an obvious take on The Incredible Hulk, who once dressed as Wilma Flinstone:



What do you think? Which side cartoon is worthy to be crowned king? Let us know in the comments or tweet us your favorite Dexter’s Laboratory moments at @TheKWCBlog on Twitter!


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