The Tale of 2 Sonic Booms: Trash and Treasure

Not all things with similar names have matching identities. Oprah the person is a billionaire with multiple avenues and streams of income, okra is a slimy vegetable that only people who don’t really love themselves eat (yes, you too).

Sonic Boom the video game is a glitchy, unfinished mess of a video game that just adds to the pile of trash on the Sonic Video Game Franchise catalog that has been awful since they went 3D.  It takes place in an alternative Universe of some sort, and yadayadayada, the details aren’t that important. The game includes an infamous glitch that allows Knuckles the Echidna to jump infinitely, and so much more. I don’t want to waste a lot of space talking about this, because that’s not as important as what I’m talking about today. You can watch a video on Sonic Boom’s terrible, terrible glitches here:

No my friends, we’re here to talk about this beauty of a cartoon that was made to coexist along side the video game series because apparently The Sonic Team thought the Boom series would be around for a long long time (and to sell toys).

If you’ve watched a lot of television, enjoy really good writing and self-awareness and highlighting various tropes, this is the show for you.


The writers make it clear from the jump that this is a cartoon show that your kids are making you watch, and for that, they’re going to reward you. Each of the primary characters have their own defined trait: Sonic is a little full of himself, Tails is a brilliant inventor, Knuckles is a freaking meathead, Amy and Sticks the Badger are Action Girls but Amy is more girly-girl while Sticks is more rough and rugged. Sticks is also a very paranoid conspiracy theorists that has run ins with her paranoia every episode. The five live in an unnamed village that they protect from the exploits of Dr. Eggman, the primary antagonist of the Sonic series since way back on the Genesis. Eggman sometimes trades his villain card to hang with Sonic and the gang, or just to be a general annoyance.

All in all the show is a really solid outing when it comes to comedy. It’s really best to just give you clips instead of trying to explain the humor.

Knuckles explains feminism

Or a wide variety of self-aware clips:

All in all, it’s pretty sad that the writing staff can make a Sonic product that’s infinitely better than any video game the franchise has released since……..2002???

Either way, it’s definitely worth your time, you can find the series on Boomerang and Hulu, or just watch some YouTube clips.


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