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Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu Expectations and Reactions

The rumors of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu have been swirling for a few weeks on Reddit and other similar websites. Predictions of what the product would actually be and whether or not it would tie into Generation 8 have been flying just as rapidly. Finally, after rampant speculation, Nintendo released the trailer for the first ever Nintendo Switch Pokemon title:

Reaction has been mostly positive (there are a few upset fans but more on that in a bit) and continued to grow when it was officially announced by Nintendo that a core, main series Pokemon game will be released on the Switch in 2019. So it becomes pretty obvious that LGPE will be a holdover and test run of what the Switch can do with the series. Courtney and I were planning to do a quick podcast episode to cover our thoughts on this (and still may do one, or we’ll just wait until E3 like last year) but we decided to just list off our opinions and expectations.


LGPE is a nice way to introduce Pokemon to the Switch. It’s a great way to get exclusive Pokemon Go users to purchase games and buy into Nintendo. It looks like you’ll also be able to transfer your Pokemon Go Pokemon to Pokemon Let’s Go which, again, is genius. MULTIPLAYER IS FINALLY AVAILABLE. Childhood me is thrilled.

Nintendo isn’t holding back with the Pokemon Hype as they’ve already dropped Pokemon Quest (Very Minecraft feel to it, looks like it has simpler mechanics – for kids or those who aren’t as familiar with Pokemon) as a free to start game in the Switch store. Nintendo knows what they’re doing and it makes me so happy to see Nintendo be great again.

The Pokemon Let’s Go games give me relief because it means the Gen 8 games are not being rushed. I’m also glad that Gen 8 comes out in 2019 because it gives me time to save up for a switch. I’m assuming Gen 8 will come out around November 2018, as the mainline games have traditionally. I’m interested to see where Pokemon goes with the Switch.

One thing I know for sure: I need a Nintendo Switch ASAP.

I pretty much echo Courtney’s sentiments here: a lot of people freaked out about the return to Kanto and streamlined catching and connection with Pokemon Go. I get it to an extent, but if you have the smallest idea of marketing strategy you would have to realize a few things:

  1. Pokemon Go got such a major following when it was initially released because of the nostalgia factor. An augmented reality version of something that millions of people grew up on when Red/Blue/Yellow were released was an instant.
  2. Pokemon Go’s following is still quite large. It’s not the astronomical amount that it was when it first released, but it still has a daily average user base of around 20 million.
  3. Creating a game that gives longtime Pokemon Go players the benefit of using the Pokemon they’ve caught on a streamlined version of a Console version is a brilliant move that could convert some PokeGo players into Switch customers and eventually the main series title when it drops in 2019.

Pokemon Go has always had the chance to bring some long-gone fans back into the series if handled properly and LGPE is honestly the BEST way to do it. It actually lends the chance to create more revenue in the long run. I get that people are tired of GameFreak “pandering to Generation I” but consider the fact that there hasn’t been a proper remake of the original games since 2004’s FireRed and LeafGreen (and that once again, fans who haven’t been around since then) would love the opportunity to go back and relive it. All before we get the real deal in 2019.

All in all, I’m EXTREMELY excited about this release, and I’ll be on top of this game as soon as it releases. I haven’t owned a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver/Crystal (but I have played every Generation except S/M/US/UM) but I look forward to jumping back in now that I possess a console that games will be released on.


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