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The Pressure Cooker, A #BB20 Podcast Ep.4: Harlots and Whores featuring @KraziliaLove

We took Thursday off for a number of reasons and decided to put off the podcast until today. Since the storms came flying through last night, @LethalSaint_ lost power and wasn’t able to join us. So I covered her notes at the end of the podcast!

Once again, @KraziliaLove joins us as a co-host, coming in the clutch and even correcting me on my incorrect feed info (so thanks for that)! Today we decided to cover:

  • A quick recap of Scottie’s HoH rain and the key points: why didn’t Winston decide to throw Tyler under the bus as a way to save himself and get Scottie to use the veto on him?
  • EVERY single week, the person who SHOULD be under the spotlight somehow gets attention diverted away from them. This time its Rockstar getting the spotlight shifted away from her and onto Kaitlin and Hayleigh.
  • WE TALK SPOILERS after the 32 minute mark, there’s a spoiler alert warning inside. PLEASE BE AWARE. We talk about happenings on the feeds that effectively spoil Wendesday’s episode, please proceed with caution.
  • Sam is a wildcard, but in the worst way
  • In a perfect world, Sam, Fessy and Rockstar go home Pre-Jury, but seeing as there are only 2 pre-Jury spots left…..
  • Sam’s nominations seem to be personal, and Krazilia asks whether or not this could be the worst HoH we’ve ever seen….
  • Plenty more where that came from.

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