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The #BB20 Week 4 Power Ranking Tiers

Another week is in the books and we have yet ANOTHER blindside eviction…..and FOUTTE still can’t figure out who isn’t quite on their side.


Winston was booted from the Big Brother House on Thursday by a 6-5 vote, with Level 6 voting in lockstep along with Sam and JC (who technically are on that side of the house) to evict old Wide-Eyes. He was obviously hurt, hugged Brett and Brett only and walked out the house. Rockstar engaged Brett in a heated one-way shouting match about how she was disgusted about Brett’s lies (he lied during his eviction speech about Rockstar flipping her vote), and a brand new HoH emerged after the feeds.

spoilers below, the new HoH has been crowned, stop reading if you don’t want to know who it is:




Sam won the HoH competition

I have four general categories: Favorable, Under the Radar, Below Average, In Trouble. I’m of the belief that NO ONE is ever sitting pretty in this game as things can flip on a dime.

FAVORABLE – This houseguest is in a strong position and has a lot of things going their way. They may be the head or brains of a the alliance in charge, or maybe they’re playing a great social game, but they’re active in someway yet still not in immediate danger.

UNDER THE RADAR – Fairly good position to be in. No one is paying attention to you from a game standpoint, it might be because you’re floating, or maybe you’re just keeping a low profile, whether that’s intentional or not.

BELOW AVERAGE – People are talking about you. You’re not an immediate target, but you could be

IN TROUBLE – You better win veto or turn up the charm.

Please note: Houseguests are not individually ranked inside the tiers, just placed into tiers. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


Kaycee – She’s in the absolute BEST position in the house. Not only is she covered by Level 6: from FOUTTE/Secret Six’s point of view, she’s the LEAST of their concerns. She also has made a point to connect with Bayleigh, Scottie, and Rachel, as well as her ride or die with Tyler (she seems to be the one he is actually partnering with until the end, and when you consider the pair dynamics in L6, it makes sense). Like I said, no one is sitting pretty, but Kaycee is close.

Rachel – She’s well loved in the house and connected socially. Within the context of Level 6, people don’t consider her a competition threat.


Bayleigh – Swaggy’s eviction is the best thing that has happened to her. No one in Level 6 is concerned about her as she’s integrated well into that side of the house to cover herself on all sides. I think she sees the writing on the wall with FOUTTE/Secret Six as that alliance isn’t really sharp and is beginning to implode, but even WITH the implosion, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, Hayleigh, and even Fessy are considered higher priorities to L6.

Angela – She’s furniture, I know. It works to her benefit right now, and for the sake of our entertainment, let’s hope that she wakes up during jury. We haven’t seen her since opening night.

Fessy – He’s honestly a waste of space in this game and has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn’t care. I personally wouldn’t mind if he was out by jury so that we don’t waste a jury space on someone who won’t cast a vote based on gameplay (we’ve got a few others who I wish would go to). That being said, very few people are paying attention to him for that very reason.

Scottie – He better thank God for Rockstar because she has allowed him to slide back under the radar after taking a shot at Level 6. Now, granted, he took out the weakest member, but that could’ve immediately been grounds for them to come after him (Brett was likely coming after him anyway). Thanks to Rockstar’s recent actions, Scottie isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

Sam – This is likely going to change after this week since Sam has been a bit…..rude. She’s not here to play the game, so it would be a waste of a week to put her up…..unless you’re Kaitlyn.



Brett – Once the dust settles, Brett is going to come out unscathed. Rockstar is going to look like the villain to the house and everyone will forget everything regarding Scottie’s HoH even happened. Brett doesn’t really know the game, but he’s got the charisma and charm to make it far if he keeps his head out of danger. Much like Bayleigh, he’s better off without his pair.

Tyler – This ranking is dependent on who wins HoH. Some people are on to Tyler, but those on to him, like Bayleigh, aren’t willing to strike. If there was a point where he’d be in danger, it should be now, if FOUTTE was smart enough he’d be their primary target. When push comes to shove and Level 6 is truly in trouble, look for them to throw him under the bus to protect their game, ESPECIALLY if it’s Rachel or Angela.

JC – His game was exposed SLIGHTLY this week. People are catching on to how he’s trying to run the votes for each eviction. That said, his charm, much like Brett, should keep him out of danger.

Hayleigh – Aside from this soon to be mess of a dead week, Hayleigh’s not in any danger. Sam is the first time anyone wanted to seriously come after her.


Kaitlyn – She is television gold, but she’s a terrible player. Depending on what happens after the dead week, she could VERY well be a target, especially if Brett gets power. 

Rockstar – She’s toast. She’s annoyed the house, the only reason she may hang around would be a FOUTTE HoH win as a way of her being a shield specifically to annoy Brett. I can’t see her making it to jury or making it after the dead week in all honesty. She’s the next eviction.

If you missed last week’s rankings, you can find them here!

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