Why TJ Detiweiler is the GOAT of all Disney Cartoon Characters

When I was in middle school, I had two inspirations to draw from.

The first was Tony Gwynn, who was the reason why I wore the number 19 when I played baseball.

The second one was a fictional character by the name of TJ Detweiler, the protagonist of the long-running cartoon series “Recess” on ABC’s “1 Saturday Morning”.

That being said, I list five reasons why Detweiler is the undisputed GOAT of ABC Disney cartoon characters.


1) TJ was a glue guy

In sports, you always have a guy that holds everything together. With the exception of one episode, in which TJ becomes the sticker czar (“The Economics of Recess”), TJ seemed to hold everything together when it came to his gang and the playground.

2) He had a ride or die chick on his squad

It’s ironic that Recess came out around the same time the Ruff Ryders did. What Eve was to DMX & Jadakiss, Spinelli was to TJ, something that was evident in the opening of the aforementioned episode “The Economics of Recess”, when she was the “substitute leader”.

3) TJ was a ladies’ man

In the episode “Funny Valentines”, TJ creates joke Valentine cards for all the girls in the fourth grade. While the plan backfires, the episode proved that TJ could get any girl he wanted.

4) If Recess had lasted two more seasons, TJ would have easily been king

The downside of the end of the show (I was in high school when the last episode aired), was that we never got a chance to see TJ reign as king. I truly believe that had the show continued two more seasons, TJ would have been the greatest king Third Street School ever had.

5. He was everything you wanted in a friend

I saw a lot of traits that I had in TJ Detweiler. Like TJ, I hated school, despite the fact I made honor roll quite a bit growing up. I’ve also been fiercely loyal to numerous people over the years and more importantly had a cross-section of respect from everyone.


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