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Reality Killed the Video Star

Mugshots Poster Idea (NEW)Once upon a time, I would hear a song and IMMEDIATELY get excited about the video that would accompany it. I had Video Soul and Rap City and yes, dare I say, The Box. Back in those wondrous times, Michael Jackson would create short films that had scheduled world premieres and full feature films would feature clips in the videos from their soundtrack. It was glorious.

Reality TV may have killed the music video time slot, but our obsession with ourselves has opened a huge opportunity for expression. Jam up job millennials. Here to use that opportunity is K.L.U.B. Monsta with their new visual for the track Mugshots featured on their new album When Gawd Ready.

Director Razaq Kadri captures the fantasy of a successful heist and the reality of how money can change a situation. Shot over two weeks in rural Alabama, “Mugshots reflects the multiple layers of the group and play into the speculated personalities of the Birmingham natives.”

Check the video and make sure to buy the album.


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