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The 2018 NFL QB Rankings by the KWC Committee

It’s late July, and we’re bored. Bet you won’t fight about it.

The Hall of Fame game is 10 days away, and with it comes the mediocre kick off to the NFL Pre-Season that we seem to get overhyped for every year despite growing bored with the game 4 minutes in.

That’s all good.

The NFL still reigns supreme ratings wise, and is what the Fall in America revolves around. Despite the NFL Owners and Commissioner trying their hardest to implode by alienating a major portion of their fanbase with ridiculous and unnecessary Anthem rules….in response to a protest that wasn’t about the anthem….that got hijacked by a very angry man….anyway.  The closer we get to September, the closer we get to really bad hot takes about where everyone is going to end up when the dust settles in February. You can never tell, and that’s what’s fun about the NFL. Sure, we know the Patriots are likely going to be in the Final 4, but honestly, that’s about it.

Our “expert” committee of football “experts” (and DeMyja) got together to provide our list of the Top 15 Quarterbacks in the league. From there, I assigned points based on where each person in our 9 person committee ranked their Top 15 QBs (15 points for #1 down to 1 point for #15). Approximately 24 QBs received a Top 15 votes, with me filling out the final 8 at the bottom. A QBs total points will be listed next to them (out of a potential 135 total available).

Our “Expert” Committee consists of:

  • Ryan – DCIP host, Falcons fan, all-around boring guy. Mario of the Committee
  • Ryne – Last Guys In The Bleachers Host, New Orleans resident and Saints fan. Probably most like Bowser. Yells a lot but mainly harmless
  • Courtney aka “Wop” – Resident Giants fan, probably the most film savvy of our committee, but he’s an Eli stan, so…. most like a ratchet Yoshi.
  • DeMyja – 1/3 of the “We Bringing Love Back” Podcast, definitely Donkey Kong. Cowboys fan.
  • T.Hill – 1/3 of WBLB, country, wears du rags and tanks in public like your uncle who is a mechanic. Definitely Toad. Broncos fan.
  • Brandon – Friend of the site, Titans fan. Tall and lanky, locker room guy. Gym rat, etc. Definitely Luigi, probably even jumps the way he did in SMB2
  • Bryson – Host of WBLB, talks like 8-Ball and most likely to choke you with a herringbone. Definitely the Wario of the crew. Titans fan.
  • Ronnie – Fearless leader of KWC. Doesn’t really do anything but boss everyone around. Waluigi, definitely. Eagles fan.
  • Sky – Bald. Brash. Was a Jets fan, applied to be a Raiders fan, they went down the drain so now he’s like a Montreal Allouttes fan or something. Boom Boom.

Now please note: we did not factor rookie QBs into this ranking and listed teams with rookie/vet situations as “the field” if their veteran QB did not receive a vote. In other words, “The Cardinals” will be an entry instead of Sam Bradford/Josh Rosen being separate entries.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Lowest Tier: Most Known Unknowns



#32. The Buffalo Bills (0 Points) – The Bills offensive roster is a complete and utter mess. The WR core was gutted last year and they lost their 3 best Offensive Lineman over the course of the offseason (Incognito, Wood, Glenn). Tyrod Taylor and Shady McCoy were the only two positives on that offense last season, and Taylor was shipped out of town as quickly as possible. The Bills are now stuck with a Rookie who struggled to complete 50% of his passes in college, AJ McCarron, who struggled to beat out Andy Dalton and Nathan Peterman, who may shock us all and win the starting job in the preseason.

#31. The New York Jets (0 Points) – The Jets have a little more promise than the Bills, with the team showing a few flashes, even with Josh McCown under center. This QB battle is confusing however, as there was essentially no need to sign Bridgewater if the Jets intended to start Darnold. Even though all 3 are a major mystery, an older McCown and recovering Bridgewater are still better than anything Buffalo is wielding.

#30. Mitchell Trubisky (0 Points) – This might be unfair to the Bears franchise QB hopeful, but on the other end he is the most unproven out of the rest of the QBs on this list. He does have Jordan Howard to help him though, and finally has a coach who actually cares about the offensive side of the ball.

#29. The Arizona Cardinals (0 Points) – I (Ryan) am VERY high on Josh Rosen, however, I know he’s not winning the job right away and the Cardinals are likely going to go with Bradford. Bradford is a completion machine, but he the rate in which his drives result in scores doesn’t really reflect that.

Tier #5: Something to prove


#28. Ryan Tannehill (0 Points) – Tannehill has been mediocre to above average his entire career and is now coming off a major injury. It would not surprise me in the least to see Miami move on from him if they have another mediocre season.

#27. Case Keenum (0 Points) – We don’t know WHICH Case Keenum we’re going to get this year. Last year was a phenomenal season for him, and he’s landing on a team with a similar build. Expect his respect to rise if he can duplicate his success in Denver.

#26. Jimmy Garoppolo (0 Points) – Look, Jimmy G is the hot pick right now. He’s on everyone’s radar and had a great half season last year, but let’s see how things shake out now that teams have had a full offseason to study his tendencies and weaknesses.

#25. Andrew Luck (0 Points) – We’re cautious of Luck’s return after such a serious injury and a lengthy recovery period. He’s still not throwing over consecutive days which could spell a problem. He’s also on a realllllly bad team.

#24. Joe Flacco (1 Point) – Exactly one person gave old Joe a vote of confidence, putting him at 15th. Many of us expect Flacco to be supplanted by Lamar Jackson before long, it’s just a matter of when.

#23. Patrick Mahomes (1 Point) – Let’s be clear: Pat has only played in one regular season game, but we love his skillset and he’s paired with a very strong offensive mind. Expect to see an explosive offense from the Chiefs this year, similar to what Smith was able to do at points during 2017.

#22. DeShaun Watson (1 Point) – His positioning is shot a bit by the injury. Will he come back and look like he did after that Cincinnati game? Or will he struggle a bit more this season? If DeShaun reaches his potential, the Texans are fighting Jacksonville and Tennessee for the division crown.

#21. Blake Bortles (1 Point) – No one ever thought we would see the Blake Bortles we saw against Pittsburgh and New England in the playoffs. The truth is, he doesn’t have to consistently play to that level in order for Jacksonville to be a Super Bowl contender. He gets the freedom of playing like an “old school” QB, and by old school I mean late 90s, 00s era, not necessary 70s or 80s.

#20. Andy Dalton (3 Points) – Somehow still getting votes of confidence out of us, not sure how or why. He will finally leave Cincinnati once Marvin does.

Tier 4: Middling

#19. Eli Manning (5 Points) – 2x Super Bowl champion ranked this low? Yes. Honestly Eli is such an up and down player that it’s REALLY hard to rate him. No one sees him as a Top 5 guy, few as a Top 10 and most as a Top 15.

#18. Dak Prescott (6 Points) – We don’t know which Dak we’ll get in 2018, but we all agree that he’s better off without Dez.

#17. Jameis Winston (7 Points) – Another QB that’s hard to read. Jameis has so many brilliant moments, but is he holding himself back? Is it Koetter? His off the field actions aren’t helping either, as he may be the first moderately successful QB we’ve seen not get a contract extension in awhile…

#16. Derek Carr (8 Points) – Came back down to earth last season but now has Gruden on his side. The question becomes how innovative will Gruden be in 2018?

#15. Tyrod Taylor (9 Points) – Severely underrated. Not a top tier QB by any means, but his talents and skills are often overlooked. Taylor is very adaptable, sometimes too much so. He went from being one of the league’s most efficient down the field throwers, to taking too little risks as time went on in Buffalo, largely due to the absence of a true deep threat. In Cleveland he has a very nice supporting roster and could make a few waves. Especially with Haley maximizing his talent.

Tier 3: Not quite there….yet

#14. Kirk Cousins (12 Points) – Kirk has put up great numbers with a pedestrian team and IS an upgrade over Case Keenum, the question becomes whether or not he was necessary to continue to win. Minnesota has a PERFECT formula for this day and age and Kirk MIGHT be the missing piece.

#13. Jared Goff (13 Points) – He is elevated by his coach, but that’s what great coaches do. Goff still has some problem areas as showcased by the Wildcard playoff matchup with Atlanta. If McVay can continue to develop him, you’ve got a weapon in LA that can win you a title as long as Philips is still the DC.

#12. Alex Smith (27 Points) – Alex Smith’s career is weird. Remember that not 8 years ago the guy was competing with Troy Smith and before that Shaun Hill for the starting job in San Francisco. In a way it has tainted his accomplishments since his days with Harbaugh, but Smith has evolved into more than “Captain Checkdown” and hopefully Jay Gruden won’t revert him back to that mode.

#11. Marcus Mariota (46 Points – Heavily Skeweed cause Bryson put him #1) – He doesn’t belong at this spot, blame Bryson, but he still belongs in this tier. Mariota has a lot of strong points in his game and Robiskie’s offense held that back last season. The Titans saw a massive offensive improvement once Marcus got the chance to call the plays but they still got mollywhopped by New England.

#10. Carson Wentz (49 points) – He’s the next super star QB if he comes back from this injury. Right now he’s on the PUP list, but could still be fine for Week 1, either way the Eagles are sitting pretty with Foles. Wentz has talent but Doug Pederson will be the reason why he becomes what he eventually can become, the man is a damn good coach. They won the Super Bowl with a backup QB against one of the NFL’s GOATs for a reason.

Tier 2: The Upper Echelon

#09. Ben Roethlisberger (63 Points) – On the decline but still good enough to be in this category. He’s been stringing the Steelers along for a few seasons so it wouldn’t surprise me if we got a Brett Favre-esque saga out of him after this season if they like what they see in Mason Rudolph.

#08. Philip Rivers (63 Points) – The man simply does not get enough credit. He finally has a roster around him that gives him a shot at a Super Bowl run for the first time since the LT era. He cut down his turnovers last season after forcing plays throughout the 2016 season (21 INTs). Rivers is poised to make one or two more runs before he retires and I think this might be the year he gets as close as he’s ever gotten (AFC Championship).

#07. Russell Wilson (80 Points) – Another person who doesn’t get enough credit for doing more with less. No line or running game since Lynch? No problem. Although I DO think this is the year Seattle takes a gigantic step back as the major cogs in their defense are now gone and they brought in an OC NOTORIOUS for dumbing down offenses in Brian Schottenheimer. Either way expect Russell to create a lot of something out of absolutely nothing.

#06. Matthew Stafford (81 Points) – All of the accolades with 0 playoff wins to show for it and it’s not like most of those playoff losses are on his shoulders (looking at you referees in Dallas). Still Stafford is a consistent 4-5k yard passer who may finally have a running back in Kerryon Johnson, maybe not being one-dimensional in a playoff game will finally help….if he can get back there.

#05. Cam Newton (89 Points) – 2015 MVP who has made things happen with absolutely no weapons in Carolina. The man made Ted Ginn Jr. a top WR for God’s sake. People completely overlook Cam’s ability and dynamic personality, his teammates love him and trust him to make plays. Besides, he can fit passes into the tiniest of windows and it’s absolutely insane. The rough part is that he’s stuck in a division with two of the league’s BEST QBs and Best overall teams.

Tier 1: The ELITE

#04. Matt Ryan (100 Points) – After an MVP in 2016 it seemed that Matt Ryan fell down to Earth in 2017, but that was far from the case. 8 of Ryan’s 12 interceptions last season were the result of receiver errors and he still had the Falcons within Julio’s fingertips of a second straight NFC Conference Championship appearance.

#03. Drew Brees (115 Points) – When it’s all said and done, Brees will go down as an all-time great. Payton resurrected his career and gave him the best possible style of offense for his game. After playing for years with porous defenses and less than stellar offensive casts, Brees finally got a roster that suited his talents and strengths. If not for just a really wild finish in Minnesota, the Saints had a crack at another Lombardi.

#02. Aaron Rodgers (128 Points) – One of the most gifted throwers we’ve ever seen, without him, Green Bay would be a 5 or 6 win team. Rodgers continues to bail the Packers out of terrible situations or continuously score despite his defense’s inconsistencies. His ability to fit passes into impossible windows is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and the only player who can do close to what he does from that aspect is the aforementioned Cam Newton.

#01. Tom Brady (130 Points) – You knew this was coming. Even at 41 years old, Brady still demonstrates a mastery of the QB position and the strength to win it all. He had one of the best Super Bowl performances in the history of the league in a losing effort at 40. Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding the relationship between him, Belicheck and Kraft, they’ll be sure to put it to the side for a potential 9th Super Bowl appearance.

(Ryan also believes if Kaepernick wasn’t blackballed, he would be in the Top 15)

How’d you like it? Are you angry? Riled up! Good, cause you’re not supposed to be, this was for fun and none of us actively study film (except Wop) on a consistent basis. But trust us, we do know a LITTLE something about football.

Now watch Ryan Tannehill put together the best statistical season we’ve ever seen.


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