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The Pressure Cooker, A #BB20 Podcast Ep.5: GIRL HOW DID YOU LOSE?

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This is a thing that happened.

Oh you thought we were getting a dud week?

You thought that Sam’s Power App was going to cause everyone to play safe this week so that there were minimal consequences and repercussions for their actions?

You thought that the evictee was just going to waltz right back down the stairs and join the rest of the houseguests huh?

You. Thought. Wrong.

  • Ryan (@EagleEye1906) is joined by a dumbfounded @KraziliaLove and speechless @LethalSaint_ to talk about what just transpired on #BB20 last night.
  • Kaitlin was evicted by a 9-1 vote with JC throwing a hinky in there and proceeded to fail the puzzle, which Production did not seem ready for (hence why there was no chair out there after her eviction but before she failed).
  • What was the easiest buyback in Big Brother history has been nullified in a way that only Kaitlin Herman can nullify it.
  • Also, girl shouted out Tony Robbins. She was gold and we will miss her.
  • Who comes out in the best position after this? Where does the game go from here?
  • We laughed a good 10 minutes.

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