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Ohio State is trash for this, but let’s not act like they’re the only ones…

When Brett McMurphy broke the story regarding Ohio State’s Zach Smith’s abuse of his now ex-wife, Courtney, I was 75% sure that this story was about to get wild and that heads would roll.

I was almost right.

What has transpired at Ohio State over the last month is nothing short of pitiful, but when it’s all said and done it is to be expected at this point. I thought we had reached the points where domestic violence and abusive behavior was not tolerated at any level, but then I remembered that men in power often aren’t scratched by these things.

I’m not talking about Hollywood directors, TV and Film actors, producers, people in media. I’m talking about men who have absolute power of the country or state, because, let’s face it, College Football is a money making machine that no one is bringing down anytime soon. As long as OSU football is successful, Columbus is successful.

I hate that Courtney, formerly Smith, is being largely ignored in all this. That she has become the secondary story when she should be the focal point of all this. I hate that a woman who was abused by her husband, drunk or sober, multiple times throughout their marriage. Beaten while pregnant. Beaten after her husband brought another woman into the home. Beaten repeatedly. It’s not okay, it shouldn’t be glossed over, but after this misdeed, it kinda is, and that’s not fair to her, her story, or other people dealing with the same thing. Men in power, men who preside over a population’s economy in one way or another, do not get brought down for their misdeeds.

Yes, Zach Smith is fired, great, but Urban knew about this, he didn’t stop it. If he didn’t know about this, then he’s got his head realllllly buried in the sand and I don’t quite believe that a man who presumes that much control over something would NOT know what was happening there. A wack excuse about memory loss isn’t going to fly here either.

I know it’s easy for us to point the finger and shame, I know I just did that for the better part of 4 damn paragraphs, but here’s the ugly truth:

I can’t think of a big time program that has been winning, that wouldn’t do the same thing here.

Imagine uncovering something like this about Saban or Peterson. Imagine the public backlash, but ultimately, imagine the amount of people who care more about winning than somebody’s well being. I’m not saying Saban would ever do such a thing, I don’t know, but if he did, do you really think Alabama would do anything but give him a slap on the wrist? The man is an economic powerhouse, I’m more than positive that people in charge would turn their heads long enough for it all to go away.

A 3 game slap on the wrist is par for the course.

Joe Paterno didn’t get let off the hook, and he shouldn’t have. Urban isn’t above reproach. We haven’t let Art Briles sniff an American football field since we found out about the scandals at Baylor. If this happened to Bill Clark (UAB), I would be saying the same damn thing.

Urban should be out too. Nobody is above accountability, nobody is above taking responsibility and stopping abuse.

If you want a great summary of the events that transpired and Brett McMurphy’s fantastic journalism, you can get it here.

I’ve linked McMurphy’s twitter as well.


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