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The Pressure Cooker, A #BB20 Podcast #8: Dumb Bass

We took a brief yatus last week because we were all a bit busy and just tired (Ryan was out of town).  So we came back with a vengeance to roast Fessy and this mess of an HoH, recap what actually lead to Scottie’s eviction, and predict what COULD happen now that we know about the Jury Battle Back.

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  • The intro you hear is LS trying to figure out how to close the show without Ryan
  • The story of Vegas the Spoiler, “From Reddit to Twitter”
  • #KayceeHive #GangGang
  • Krazilia predicted Fessy’s HoH before he even won HoH.
  • Scottie is definitely giving Fessy too much credit
  • Brett is growing on Ryan (and Ryan only apparently), the “DEFENSE” bit was phenomenal
  • Hayleigh has had two chances to stop the destruction of her own alliance, but didn’t. Krazilia says it’s age.
  • Zingbot’s appearance and everyone running for the hills when he called Sam crazy
  • We talk about Vegas’s spoiler regarding #Tangela and the possibility of Tyler getting “Neda’d” (Angela cutting Tyler)
  • Ryan had to dip halfway through, but Krazilia and LS held it down.
  • If Scottie does come back, how long does he last? Can he pull a BBCAN Kevin and win his way to the end?

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