Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter IV

OMG, did you miss us? Silly question. Of course you did.

So since Ron is a pretty smart guy or whatever, we decided that we will be doing this playlist bi-weekly to ensure the absolute highest quality of music. You are welcome.

The Suffers – Slow It Down

Every once in awhile, I like to remind people how ridiculously amazing The Suffers are. This track has been on repeat since the album dropped; go check this out and the album. Thank me later and, H-Town stand up.

Bubba Sparxxx ft. Yelawolf – Y.G.M.F.U.

This track is everything I hoped that it would be when I saw the title, and more. I love Bubba and Yela like we are related. We might be, let’s check ancestry.com. Anyway, I find myself saying “you got me fucked up” on a regular basis so I will add this to the soundtrack for my entire life. It’s southern rap greatness. And Bubba can still rap his ass off, FYI.

Nickelus F. & Namebrand – God Bless Em

I came across this track thanks to a suggestion on the twitters. Thanks, twitters. This whole album jams. Not sure how I ended up liking this ethereal-sounding rap music but here we are and it is dope.

Guts ft. Lorine Chia – Peaceful Life

Look, I have no idea who this Guts guy is but I am ashamed of myself for living 28 years and never hearing his music. Lorine Chia has long been a favorite, her voice is immaculate. I listened to this track on repeat for 12 hours and my entire life changed. The rest of this album is greatness too, there will probably be another track on a future playlist.

NxWorries – Get Bigger/Do U Luv

Yeah, I don’t really have to say much about this one, it is dope as hell; as expected. They are supposed to be dropping an album soon and I will be watching out of my window hopefully until they do.

Travis Scott ft. Kid Cudi – through the late night

This album and this track specifically are what I was looking for from Travis after I fell in love with Days Before Rodeo. It is more than obvious that Travis holds Cudi in high esteem and takes a lot of influence from him so, they together on a track makes me smile. It’s a humming ass track but I am totally here for it.

Like – Gentleman’s Quarterly

Remember MTVU? Remember that video you used to see ALL the time from Pac Div? Well apparently, neither does google because I can’t find the video. Anyway, Like dropped a pretty sneaky good album this past Friday.
Boogie – Sunroof

There’s a West Coast revolution going on right now. You already know Kendrick, YG, and Vince Staples. Add Boogie to that list too. You might need to go check out “Oh My” after cutting this one off.
Reva Devito – So Bad

IDK who she is but I know this track is produced by Kaytranada. He can’t miss right now. Reva’s EP is pretty cool, though.
Danny Brown – Really Doe

Posse cuts!!! Danny Brown, Kendrick, Ab-Soul and Earl all kill this one.
Jazz Cartier – Just in Case

My favorite rapper from Toronto might have another album on the way. Yes, he’s my favorite rapper from Toronto because he actually raps. He doesn’t dance in his videos.
Jay IDK – Boy’s Innocence

Had no clue who this guy was but his album cover caught my eye.


I admit that I haven’t finished the entire album yet, mostly because I haven’t made it past this track.

This playlist has an additional song, though. Here’s Ryan’s selection:

Open Mike Eagle – Insecurity Part 2

I’ve been a big fan of Open Mike Eagle for a few years now. He infuses his music with a lot of self-reflection, wit and humor and Insecurity Part 2 is a great showcase of this. I’ve raved about Hella Personal Film Festival on KWC before and it really is a solid LP. Insecurity is one of those songs that takes you a second to realize what it’s about. On the surface it’s a song about connecting with a female friend who previously zoned him and is having her meet her man. But it’s really about the insecurity of fatherhood and his son coming into the fold. Took me a second (I read an interview) but it’s perfectly tied in.

So we’ll be back 2 weeks from now. Until then, enjoy the playlist.

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