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Why Donald Trump’s “New Deal” for Blacks Should Scare You


Earlier this week, President-Elect Donald Trump dropped his “plan” for black Americans under his regime, phrasing it as a “New Deal.” On the surface, his plan seems to be trying to uplift black Americans, but once you look past the fuzzy words and propaganda, it’s actually our worst nightmare. The ten point plan promises, among other things: to make the inner cities safe, promoting school choice, protecting the black church, and incentivizing foreign companies to relocate into black communities.

Let’s start with “making inner cities safer,” that means more police presence. Yes, Donald Trump wants to send more trigger happy cops with no accountability into our communities in an effort to make them safer. Safer for whom, you ask? Well, the plan further reads “We will empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties, and the increased presence of law enforcement.” So, in essence, send police into our communities to keep us in line while they tear the communities down so they can gentrify it. That sure does sound like he wants to help improve our predicament, right?

Well, let’s talk about his plan for promoting school choice. For those of you that don’t know, school choice means allowing parents to choose what school they want their children to attend, if they live in an area where the schools are failing or under performing. I know, on the surface that seems like a GREAT idea, but if Donald cares so much about the quality of inner city schools, why not just create a system that funds ALL schools equally, regardless of area? His plan includes funding and tax holidays for businesses, why not help the schools? I’ll let you walk yourself to that conclusion but it starts with “Ass” and rhymes with ventilation. The way schools are funded in this country is unfair and benefits those who live in neighborhoods with more money. One of the central reasons why schools in predominantly black areas fail is because blacks with money tend to leave those areas for those with better schools. Those students that are left behind, are given an inferior education. This won’t help the majority of black students.

Similarly, promoting foreign companies to relocate into black communities does nothing for black communities. At least, nothing for the economic empowerment of the residents of those communities. Sure, you get tax revenue, which will help the area’s future residents, but what does it do for the current residents? Does it increase their chances to better their situation, or does it put another business in their community that they don’t own? I won’t delve into why “protecting the black church” is problematic but Google the black pastors in North Carolina that delivered their congregations to Donald for a check.

There is no solution for changing our communities for the better that doesn’t directly involve creating more economic opportunities for black people. Not just jobs, but the opportunity to own businesses and create jobs for the people in our communities that directly serve our communities. Donald Trump does not care about black empowerment. Donald Trump is a real estate mogul and knows there is valuable real estate within our inner cities. Donald’s plan includes introducing a hostile force in our communities to keep us in line, feeding our gifted students into predominantly white schools to further alienate our children from their communities, giving incentives to foreign businesses to occupy economic space, keeping us loyal to an institution where the leaders regularly abuse their power and influence, and further gentrifying our neighborhoods and destroying our community base.

Voting in your local and state elections is more important than EVER. If any of what Donald wants to do comes to pass, our worst fears will be realized. Protect your family and protect your communities.


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