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ITrust Us We’re Rappers: Chapter V


Ok so, boom. claps hands

Just kidding, there is no better way to say that I have been slackin. It has been far too long and I have missed you. We won’t count the weeks since the last Chapter of our playlist; let’s not live in the past. The 5th Chapter of Trust Us We’re Rappers is a bit longer than the previous chapters, you are welcome.

Might as well get into it.
(Sidenote: these tracks are limited to Apple Music and Spotify tracks or it would be twice as long, easily)

JAHKOY – No Regrets
One of the previous chapters included a JAHKOY track featuring ScHoolboy Q called “California Heaven” which is still absolute fire. No Regrets is more pure, raw sangin from JAKHOY. This track is beautiful. It makes me swoon. Also, the entire album is dope, go check it out. JAHKOY is definitely an artist to pay attention to.

Bas – Clouds Never Get Old
This track isn’t “as new” but, man it is great. Bas has a unique way of making me relate to him and I love it. Clouds Never Get Old has a dope sample too. Go back and listen to this track and to the entire Too High To Riot album, trust me.

De La Soul – Pain ft. Snoop Dogg
With a list of names like this, I really should not need to say much about the track. But, as things go I always have something to say about something. This track is groovy as hell. If you can listen to this and not at least tap your foot or something, I don’t trust you. Our classic hip-hop artists have been coming THROUGH lately, De La definitely didn’t disappoint.

St. Beauty – Borders
I am not even sure where I found this song or how but it doesn’t really matter; it’s fire. It is haunting and melodic and beautiful. While I need to delve deeper into St. Beauty’s body of work, this was the perfect place to start.

Ntheclouds – Have You Seen Her
Houston, stand up. I have been accidentally neglecting some really dope music coming from my city and that’s my bad. Honestly, it is a disservice to y’all because I should have shared Ntheclouds here way before now. But, here we are. Have You Seen Here is great and Boi Dru and Jay Kell absolutely killed it. They have plenty of dope music y’all can check out, too.

Big K.R.I.T. – Free Agent
flicks bic IT’S SO LIT Y’ALL. Like, no. Super lit. I am not sure I convey the magnitude of the litness but I will try. It should probably mentioned that I am a KRIT stan, but whatever. After splitting ways with Def Jam, Big K.R.I.T. dropped Free Agent and all the world rejoiced. I have been listening to it daily for inspiration, getchu some.

Show Louis – The Code ft. DeLorean
Once again, my city has some really amazing artists. Show Louis’s project is another one I admittedly took way too long to really get in to but once I did, man look. The Code stood out to me on first listen because of the laid back beat and jammin ass hook. BUT Show and fellow Houstonian DeLorean sound like velvet on the entirety of this track – their flow is really impeccable and each complements the other perfectly.

Aaron Abernathy – I See You
Look. To be completely honest with you good people, after hearing this track I am trying to get married and have some babies. I don’t know much about Aaron Abernathy just yet but after hearing his album “Monologue”, I am impressed. I See You is an amazing piece of work and I want all of you to play it at your weddings. Or add it to the GTD playlist.
First off, I know it has been a really long time. Blame Kels. It’s entirely her fault. Anyway, we’re here now.

Denzel Curry – Good Night

Denzel Curry’s Imperial album is underrated. You need to go check it out. Now.
Joey Bada$$ – Front and Center

Two Joey Bada$$ songs on two straight playlists and I swear I’m not even that big of a fan. I hated “Devastated” but this is a better step in that same direction.

Flatbush Zombies – Bounce

For you Spotify users out there, please utilize the Daily Mix on the app. It’s great. That’s how I remembered this Flatbush Zombies album I forgot all about. That’s the downside of releasing albums in January I guess.

Boogie – Won’t Be the Same

Boogie got next up. I’ve said it 100 times already

DRAM – Change My #

DRAM’s album is joy. DRAM’s album is love. His album is my happy place. I put it on and just enjoy how much fun it is. DRAM is dope because he sounds like a Baptist deacon but he’s singing about weed and hoes. But for real though… Who pissed this guy off enough to change his number? All TEN digits!?

Fortebowie – Birfday

Circa 2011-2012,during the height of black Twitter, a lot of different acts were popping out of ATL. If you looked under the shadow of Trinidad James, there was Fortebowie. He was even featured on “Southside” which is a standout track on Don’t Be S. A. F. E. “Birfday” is exactly the song you need right now though. I really wish this came out during the summer.

2 Chainz-Countin

I had a revelation a few weeks back. 2 Chainz is one of my favorite rappers. Like, ever. I won’t call myself a day one fan, but I was the only nigga bumping that Playaz Circle debut album. That counts for something. I added this song simply because it’s dope but Tity Dos Necklaces also started the Mannequin Challenge. Don’t forget.

TI – Black Man

I slept on TI’s Us or Else EP but the man has fire in his belly now. If you told me TIP live from the VIP would be a woke rapper back in 03-04 I would’ve laughed at you. But “Black Man” is definitely a song that’s relevant during these trying times.

Listen via Apple Music Here 


(Rhapsody, Pandora, and Napster playlists coming soon)


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