Watch #SearchParty: The Show for Millenials Who Suck At Everything

Search Party

Millenials ruin everything. They ruin department stores, online shopping, craft beer (still skeptical about this one), the housing market, the job market. If given a chance, Millenials will even ruin a search for a missing person?

TBS’ Search Party is exactly that. It’s a show with a ridiculously simple premise that manages to poke fun at itself without being too absurd. This show is a story about Dory (Alia Shawkat) who, like most late 20-somethings, is searching (Aha!) for the meaning of life. Her aimless life is given purpose once she discovers her former college acquaintance Chantal. Although she obviously didn’t know Chantal very well, she’s devoted to finding her.

She enlists the help of friends who reluctantly agree to embark on this journey. There’s her boyfriend, Drew, who is a docile and often emasculated hipster. Her clueless friend, Portia, who is also a TV actress. Elliott, who is a habitual liar and narcissist. And the black guy from The Mayor (Brandon Micheal Hall) who wants no parts of this Search Party because he thinks its stupid.

While the premise of this show is pretty simple and admittedly even pretty dumb, it quickly turns into a surprising blend of comedy and mystery. Each new episode reveals a new clue to finding Chantal. It also brilliantly pokes fun at 21st Century problems Millenials endure. It’s a very self-aware show that knows the premise is ridiculous, so it uses that to its advantage.

I thought this show wouldn’t be sustainable, especially given Season 1’s shocking finale, but this show found a way to pivot itself to remain interesting.

So if you want to see a show about Millenials ruining everything and searching for meaning in life, check out Search Party. Two episodes drop on TBS every Sunday night at 10 pm Eastern but you can catch up on their website or on demand. The episodes are half an hour, so they’re easy to breeze through.



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