Best of 2017: My Favorite TV Shows

Hopefully, your Christmas was pretty merry. Now that we’re on the other side of December 25th, it’s time to start wrapping this year up. First, I’ll like to focus on my favorite TV shows of the year. I watch a lot of TV. In years past, this list was pretty easy to form. I’m not sure if it’s because I watched more TV this year or if TV was better overall, but 2017’s list took a little more time. There are some notable omissions, so I’d like to address those:

  1. No, I don’t watch Game of Thrones
  2. I’m like thirty-six episodes (and a movie) behind on Twin Peaks
  3. For some “strange” reason, I haven’t finished season 2 of Stranger Things.
  4. The omission of Insecure isn’t an oversight. Despite having a good of first episode and a great finale, the middle of the Insecure sandwich was hard to stomach.
  5. The Deuce seemed promising, but I don’t think I have the patience to see it through.
  6. In 2017, I discovered Rick and Morty and realized Bob’s Burgers is what I’ve been missing, but I still haven’t seen enough of these shows to put them on my list of favorites.
  7. Shows like Black-Ish and The Goldbergs are mainstays in my life so I don’t feel the need to put them on this list. They’re consistently good.
  8. Ozark was thoroughly enjoying, but it was still kinda bad.
  9. I finished Dark hours before I typed this post. Although it was pretty good, it’s obviously too fresh on my mind to be ranked.
  10. Haven’t started Glow or Marvelous Mrs. Maisel although I intend on doing so.

10. Big Mouth

Big Mouth - Netflix

Big Mouth is a show most people can relate to. If they say they can’t, they’re probably lying. It’s a show about one of the most embarrassing times of our lives. It’s about when acne started to come in, our voices got a little bit deeper, and when we became curious about that “thing” down there. With the talented cast of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, etc. this show grows from simple penis/vagina jokes into a pretty smart and emotional show.

Where to watch: Netflix

Favorite episode: Requiem for a Wet Dream

9. Dear White People


No other show has been as divisive as this show. White people hate it, because well, how would you feel if a show was named “Dear Black People?”. Black people hate it because of the hashtag protests and fake wokeness of the characters. The latter is why I love it. This show expanded on ideas/characters of a movie I wasn’t in love with and fleshed them out to make them well-rounded. Who wants to watch a show with perfect characters anyway? That seems kinda boring.

Where to watch: Netflix

Favorite episode: Chapter V (also known as “The Barry Jenkins episode”)

8. American Vandal


This show totally caught me off guard. It’s a true crime mockumentary about a vandal who draws dicks on cars in the staff parking lot. While the premise is really simple, it’s a surprisingly good show. It’s funny, the mystery will keep you guessing, and it says a lot about America’s obsession with true crime.

Where to watch: Netflix

Favorite episode: Premature Theories

7. Search Party


I’ve been singing Search Party‘s praises since its first season. It’s a witty, procedural, that keeps getting better with every episode.

Where to watch: TBS

Favorite episode: Hysteria

6. The Good Place

good place

The Good Place is TV’s hidden gem. I can rant about NBC’s treatment of this show, including the odd decision of a midseason break, but I won’t. The Good Place is what your philosophy class would have been like if it was funny. It examines morality and mortality without being heavy-handed. Binging season one of this show is part of the reason why I missed the Atlanta Falcon’s second half Superbowl meltdown. Those damn Falcons…

Where to watch: NBC/Hulu

Favorite episode: The Trolley Problem

5. The Leftovers

The Leftovers Nora

The Leftovers went from a show I despised to a show I loved. Season 2 is quite possibly one of the best seasons of TV ever. Season 3, the final season, continued that trend. While I’m not in love with the conclusion of the show, I’ve grown to appreciate it.

Where to watch: HBO

Favorite episode: It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

4. Legion


Legion is the side project of Noah Hawley, one of the best minds working on TV currently. It’s a superhero show from a guy who isn’t really interested in making a superhero show. Usually, this ends up being a disaster. Not with Legion, though. There is a deeper story to tell beyond using powers and fighting villains. If you don’t know. Legion is the son of Professor X. He has multiple personalities and each of those personalities have distinct powers. This show takes a deep dive into sorting out Legion’s mind. It’s very trippy. I spent three-fifths of this show not knowing what was going on but I mean that in the best way possible. Legion is not only the best superhero show on TV, it’s one of the best shows period.

Where to watch: FX

Favorite episode: Chapter I, Chapter V. Hard to choose.

3. Master of None


“Jack of all trades, master of none” is the best way to describe this show. Aziz took a lot more risks the second time around. A few things didn’t work, a lot of things did, but the experience was beautiful through it all. Not only do we get to see Dev grow as a character, we get to see Aziz grow as a storyteller. To make it better, he’s not just interested in his story, he wants others to tell their story. There are episodes this season where he steps aside and let others share the stage. This gives birth to two of the best episodes of this season. If the Thanksgiving episode doesn’t warm your heart, you’re probably dead.

Where to watch: Netflix

Favorite episode: I Love New York or Thanksgiving. PLEASE don’t make me choose.

2. Mr. Robot

mr robot gif

I don’t need to speak much on this show. Really, I don’t. I did weekly recaps. Forget it, I’ll do it anyway. Season 2 lost a few people because of its tone but season 3 hit all the right notes. It became a crime show, wrapped up in a sci-fi show, wrapped up in a fantasy show. Instead of leaning into one of these sub-genres, it balanced them all out so the audience wouldn’t know what to expect. This season elevated this show to the best running show on TV, not just one of the best. This show pushes the limits of what is possible on TV and in my opinion, it’s  right up there with the elite shows such as Breaking Bad. Why is it #2, you ask? There must be a masterpiece keeping this show out of the top slot. Well…

Where to watch: USA/Amazon Prime

Favorite episode:

1. Mindhunter


Two of my favorite movies of all time are Seven and Zodiac. Both of these movies are directed by David Fincher. Needless to say, I was excited when I found out David Fincher would be involved with a show about the birth of FBI criminal profiling. This show wasn’t what I was expecting and I’m actually glad it’s not. It’s not a true crime show, it’s not a procedural with a murderer of the week, it’s well…I don’t know. This show boils down to a lot of conversations between Agents Holden and Tench and their subjects. The dialogue is so great. Really, I’ve never wanted to these conversations to end. I never wanted an episode to end. I didn’t want this show to end. The final moment was phenomenal and sets up a second season perfectly. So please, take the Mindhunter challenge. It’s worth it.

Where to watch: Netflix

Favorite episode: Episode 10

So, that concludes my list. Did I not mention something you watched this year? Hit us up at @TheKWCBlog to let us know.



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