Best Songs of 2017 [+ Playlist]

Yesterday, I posted my Favorite TV Shows of 2017. That list was met with little resistance but this is where things begin to get spicy. So here are the best songs of 2017 (According to @RonQuixote_)

10. Moneybagg Yo-Insecure

I would’ve called you a plum fool if you told me one of my favorite new rappers in 2017 would be named Moneybagg Yo. What the hell is a Moneybagg Yo? I don’t know. But “Insecure” is a gem of the very underrated Federal 3x mixtape.

9. Kendrick Lamar-DNA

I have a secret I was waiting to reveal on our end of the year show: DAMN. isn’t one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s still top 10, but it’s in the bottom half.  Regardless, “DNA” still goes in.

8. Smino-Anita

It was hard to pin down one Smino song I liked so I just decided to go with his hit single.

7. Skyzoo-95 Bad Boy Logo

This song is Skyzoo’s entry into storytelling hall of fame. Using Faith Evan’s “Soon As I Get Home” as the sample, he revisits the glory days of Bad Boy.

6. (3 x 7) Savage – Bank Account

2017 became the year I grew to respect 21 Savage. I can’t listen to his much of his music because frankly, he sucks, but the guy is sharper than he’s given credit for. “Bank Account” is almost undeniable. It’s a pretty good song. Now, I could post a video but why waste the opportunity to show his performance of this song?

5. Lil Uzi Vert- XO Tour Life

I almost forgot about this song myself because it feels like it came out ages ago but it still jams.

4. J.I.D. – NEVER

J.I.D. is undoubtedly my rookie of the year. I almost made “Underwear” one of his top songs but I had to go back to “Never”. This song is crazy. Everything about it.

3. Jay Z -Smile

Smile is one of 4:44’s most introspective tracks and also a confirmation of those messy allhiphop forums. Anyway, how can you not like this song? I swear he was floating during that last verse.

2. Jorja Smith – On My Mind

This song has that infectious 90s vibe. It’s impossible to play it just once, you have to run it back.

1. Goldlink – Crew featuring Brent Fiyaz and Shy Glizzy

There’s no way you thought something else would be #1, did you? This song might be our generation’s “Before I Let Go”. I can’t wait to embarrass my kids by getting up and dancing to this forty years from now. This song was created in a lab with the combination of all the perfect parts. Goldlink’s first verse is good, Brent Fiyaz delivers a catchy hook and Glizzy sets it all off. “Crew” is a perfect song and the best song of 2017.

Psssst, want more of the our favorite songs of 2017? Check out the playlist below. Also, it’s a collaborative playlist. This means YOU can add for favorite songs too!


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