CFB Bowl Pick Em

Make your bowl game predictions. Get wings. Napkins not included.

It’s the greatest time of the year! Bowl mania! So we’ve decided to host our first CFB Bowl Pick Em. While bowl predictions are always fun to do, we’ve added some incentive: The winner gets a $25 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters, the choice is yours. 2nd place gets a consolation prize courtesy of @Ryne So just click a few boxes and allow us to finance your championship game dinner. First, let’s get some rules out the way:

  1. You have to subscribe to the site to be eligible. To do this, simply click the Follow button on the side menu.
  2. Make sure to select every box in the bowl selection, this is the only way to make your entry valid. Once you’re finished, you will receive an email notification.
  3. Entry into the contest ends at 11:59 pm on December 15th. The first bowl game is the following morning.
  4. If there is a tie, we’ll use the playoff selections as tiebreakers.

If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll confirm the email you provided then send the email.

With that said, choose wisely!


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